Tires and Oil

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On 3/18/16, I replaced all four tires in Centennial, CO, as I was slip-sliding all over the place on bald tires in the snow.

On 6/27/16, with approximately 169,000 miles, I had the oil changed at the Firestone on Southern Blvd.  They also rotated the tires.  Everything else checked out alright.


Oil Change

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I had Firestone on Southern change the oil for me yesterday.  It has been in the 10’s and 20’s, temperature-wise, and I didn’t feel like laying on the ground to change the oil myself.

I also added a page for maintenance logs.  If you can’t sleep at night, feel free to check that one out.

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Oil Change

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I had the oil changed at Firestone because they could do it cheaper than I could. It was changed 149,600 ish miles about a week ago.

Flat Tire

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The rear passenger tire was slack yesterday morning.  I limped it to a tire shop that was a few miles away in Socorro, and they found two nails in it.  They patched it up and sent me on my way.
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Brake Module

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I occasionally have the brake light and ABS warning lights illuminated. I think it is the ABS module that needs to be replaced.

According to the internet, there are often cold solder joints in this module, and I will need to fix them. Realistically, I will find another one in a junk yard, replace it, and then repair one in my house while using the other one.

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Fuel Pump

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Yesterday, the car would not start. I checked the relay for the fuel pump, and it was fine, as were all of the fuses. I cleaned the air filter in exaggerated hopes that it was not the fuel pump. However, deep down, I knew that when I turned the key to “on” and I didn’t hear the pump pressurize, that the pump was dead.

I had them replace the inline filter as well. $717 and several hours later, I was back on the road.

Road Trip – Storm Chase 2015

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I took the P71 on a road trip storm chasing across Nebraska, Colorado and Kansas, adding around 3000 miles to the car. It did pretty well, though I have a few observations:

1. Sometimes, the car will not start unless you giggle the shifter. I think that the sensor that determines if the car is in park or neutral may not work completely.

2. After an all-day drive, the shift between first gear and second seems a bit jerky. It only occurs when we’ve been on the road for 10+ hours, so I’ll keep an eye on it. I’ll probably have the fluid replaced soon.

3. Not having an odometer is kind of a nuisance for finding out gas mileage, though I think the display is just dim, rather than intermittent, as it came on every single night.

Otherwise, the car ran perfectly, and performed really well in near storms. I liked being able to pull out into storm chaser convergences (where there are lots of storm chasers trying to see the storm) and have enough low-end torque to accelerate quickly. The air conditioner was quite nice compared to the Malibu’s, and the extra room made packing up each day really simple.

I added three photos to the “Places” section as well.

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