Fuel System

Running Lean

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I was driving from Socorro to Rio Rancho yesterday, and the engine light illuminated.  I quickly stopped at an AutoZone to get the codes read.  As it turns out, both banks are running lean.  Because I had the throttle body replaced, I think it may have to do with the reprogramming that took place.

A little while later, closer to home, the missing fuel cap light came on.  I just put a new fuel cap on the car a week or so earlier, and it is in place and tightened.

I don’t know what is going on, but I think I will try having the fuel system cleaned and see if that fixes things.

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Catching Up

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I am way behind on updating this blog.  I’ve put another 15,000 miles on it since the last post.  In that time, I’ve done several oil changes, as well as replaced the front brake pads and rotors, as well as the throttle body.

183,336 miles, 5/14/17:  Oil change, front brake rotors and front brake pads
???,??? miles, 6/18/17:  Car stopped running on I-40 eastbound in Oklahoma.  Pulled over, waited and restarted the car with no additional problems.  Threw a throttle code.
195,161 miles, 6/22/17:  Oil change, throttle body replacement, fuel system cleaning

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Fuel Pump

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Yesterday, the car would not start. I checked the relay for the fuel pump, and it was fine, as were all of the fuses. I cleaned the air filter in exaggerated hopes that it was not the fuel pump. However, deep down, I knew that when I turned the key to “on” and I didn’t hear the pump pressurize, that the pump was dead.

I had them replace the inline filter as well. $717 and several hours later, I was back on the road.